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Baby Parvu

15 July 2013

As you know, we announced the upcoming arrival of our little blessing, Baby Parvu or “Baby Bear”, earlier than most couples choose to. There is a reason for that.

A couple days before our first anniversary, I started bleeding. Not a lot, but consistently for twelve or so hours. We assumed the worst (thankfully) and thought I was miscarrying. Now, when it started, we were literally heading out the door for our camping trip. Being young, never-before expectant parents, we decided the only thing we could really do was wait it out. I had my first prenatal visit (an intake visit, really) scheduled for the following Monday so we decided just to see what happened. … I am so glad that we assumed the worst. We went on the camping trip and prayed and comforted each other and just relaxed. If Baby had died, we would have been okay. Sad, but excited for future children.

So when we got to my prenatal appointment, we were pretty somber. The nurse told us that there wasn’t really much they could do right then to confirm or deny a miscarriage, but that if we wanted an answer before Friday, we should go to the ER (which was conveniently down the hall). Guess which we chose. … And thus began the longest day of my life.

I had an ultrasound. They weren’t expecting to find anything at all, let alone a perfectly healthy baby with the strongest heartbeat they’ve seen in a baby that young. Baby was so small that it looked like the whole body was the heart beating. I was so happy, so relieved – I couldn’t wait to get back to my room so I could tell David and show him the picture the tech printed for me. As we were sitting there, ecstatic, our ER doctor came back and sat down with a concerned look on her face.

“Based on your pictures, it looks like you are having an ectopic pregnancy,” she said. (Or something like that.) For those of you who don’t know, an ectopic pregnancy is where the baby implants anywhere but the uterus. The medical solution for this is always (or at least almost always) abortion. They won’t use that word, but that is really what it is. She asked that we go to the main hospital across town to consult with an OB. So. We did.

We met with two OBs, a man and a woman, and they made it clear that, to them, I was the most important person in the situation. Not David. Not Baby. Me. I understand that I am important in the situation, but not Baby? That sickened us a bit. They had me stay overnight for observation and for another ultrasound in the morning. So we prayed and prayed and prayed (and others prayed with us, without details… just that God would move!). They wouldn’t let David stay with me and had me in a room with a woman who threw up all night long. This was not fun for three reasons. 1. If you know me, you know that just thinking about vomit grosses me out. A lot. 2. Being pregnant has given me a much, much better gag reflex. I had a good one before. (I couldn’t swallow medicine in pill or capsule form until I was in my teens. And that was after my mom spent years trying to teach me how to swallow in such a way that I wouldn’t gag or choke.) 3. I can’t sleep at night without David next to me. I don’t know why.

I did not sleep.

Early in the morning, three nervous, green doctors came in and told me that they had ruled it as ectopic and were just waiting for a confirmation before they “discussed my options” with me. (D&C, shot that stops DNA reproduction, ect….) I was so mad that I just glared at them and said, “I stayed overnight for an ultrasound.” They got this deer in the headlights look in their eyes and stuttered out something along the lines of “Oh, well, uh… we will go check to see if that is true….” An hour later, two of the came back with an old, paternal looking OB who sat down on my bed and patted my shin, saying, “Everything is going to be okay. I think you are having a safe pregnancy. I just need a confirmation from radiology. I just emailed him your pictures from yesterday and he should be calling any minute.” His phone rang. Radiology. He leaned in so I could hear what the man on the phone was saying.

“I don’t know what you guys were thinking, of course it is a safe pregnancy, albeit abnormally placed. Why did you keep her overnight?? Send her home!”

The paternal OB kept patting my leg and started encouraging me using various scriptures, such as Matthew 6:25-34 and Psalm 23. It was really encouraging.

So, in the end, they did not do another ultrasound. They sent me home where I slept for a long time. God is faithful. We think that He moved Baby down in me but also in the pictures. This has also given us the ability to see Baby’s growth progress more frequently than most expectant parents. (I am only 11-ish weeks and I have had THREE ultrasounds. So cool.) We are also very encouraged to know that everything is 100% A-okay. =]


If for some reason, you stumble across this someday, we are so excited to meet you!! You bring us such joy and just the thought of getting to hold you in my arms in a 6 months takes my breath away.

We love you and are praying for you.



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  1. 15 July 2013 12:55

    I will be praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you and your child. =]


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