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Valentine’s Day?

14 February 2013

If you are a die-hard Danike friend or follower of my blog, you know that I have never really liked or appreciated Valentine’s Day. I’ve written posts about how lame it is and blah blah blah.

Well. That Danike is gone.

Getting married really does something to you. It makes you choose to love someone more than yourself. Now, I know that the Bible commands us to love everyone like love yourself. How many of us actually remember to do this or even succeed at doing this? I certainly don’t get that one right everyday. But I do have the practice of loving my husband everyday. It is wonderful. There is something beautifully satisfying about it.

All that being said… David told me he wasn’t going to get me flowers this year. He got me a present instead. (I’ll get that later.) I decided that on top of the present I got him, I’d make him cheesecake with a fresh fruit sauce. So yesterday I spent the afternoon first baking cheesecake, then making this sauce, then making dinner. Now normally we talk on the phone while David is driving home from work. I couldn’t do that because I had to finish making dinner and then clean up a day’s worth of mess. Plus I was trying to surprise him with the sauce… especially because he found out about the cheesecake when I caved and asked to buy a spring-form pan while grocery shopping. (It was 50% off!) Well there I wad, dinner finished, trying to clean up evidence and bring the mountain of dishes under control – and in walked my husband holding a bouquet of my a few kinds of my favorite flowers. (I melted.) … Needless to say, he found out about the sauce.

To top all that off, I slept horribly last night. So this morning when David for up for work, I did not want to get up to make breakfast. I was just too tired – David encouraged me sleep to not get up. Well here I am, awake for maybe half an hour, feeling more rested than I have in awhile.

Today has already been the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever experienced. And it has barely started!

I think I didn’t like Valentine’s Day growing up because I didn’t like that the only valentines I got were from my mom and cousins. I didn’t have someone to bless or be blessed by.

But now I do.

I love you, David! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! I can’t wait until you get home so we can make our delicious dinner together and eat some cheesecake!

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