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Three Times = 2013

31 December 2012

This year (well… the past14 months) I read the whole bible. I started in Matthew and read the New testament and then read the Old Testament. It took me so long because I had a really hard time disciplining myself to actually reading the Word daily. However – I had made two goals: read the New Testament before the wedding and read the Old Testament before the new year. I accomplished both of those goals. But. If I had been diligent and read as much as I have the past three months throughout the whole year, I would’ve read the Bible three time.

So. That’s what I am going to do. Read the Bible three times. I made a plan, too, of what I’d read each day. For the whole year. It will take me roughly 45 minutes a day. 16,425 minutes during the course of the year. It will be hard. But I am going to do it.

Because if you think about it… every Jewish boy in the time of Jesus was memorizing the Pentateuch. And if they did that well, they’d memorize the Wisdom Literature. And the Prophets. And the Deuteronomistic History. … that’s the whole Old Testament. I have no excuse.

There is grace though. If they did poorly, they would learn a trade and go about their lives as tradesmen. Instead of rabbis, Pharisees or Sadducees. And who did Jesus call?

Fishermen. Accountants. Tax collectors. Tradesmen. Torah flunkies.

Needless to say, I am still going to give it my best because I want my life to make Jesus smile. I want to be worthy of the name disciple. I am going to make those 16,425 minutes count.

Let the new year begin!

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  1. 31 December 2012 10:17

    I love it! I am reading the Bible through this year as well. May God bless us on our journeys with Him.

    • 1 January 2013 22:40

      Thank you! Amen! God bless you through His Word! May you experience Him in a new way this year. :)

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