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Matthew 5:8

20 November 2012

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

A year ago when David was still the worship leader at our church, he was hosting/leading a 40 night long event, after The Call, called “The Forty Nights of Worship.” That was truly when my worship started becoming my own, when I learned how to truly worship and enjoy it. In that time, God awakened this deep, deep longing in my heart to see His face. So every night I found myself praying that God would give me a pure heart because I needed to see Him. That time was such a blessing to me. God revealed so much of His heart for me to me. The desire to see God is something I carry to this day and it hasn’t become any less intense.

This past week, David and I had the honor of facilitating The Dearborn House of Prayer in place of Ashley and Josh who were joined in marriage on Saturday. It was amazing. There was a large part of me that was afraid that it would be just another Friday night and people would peg it on us never having done this before. Well, I had nothing to worry about! For starters, no Friday night is just another Friday night – God always does something. But, this past Friday was exactly what needed to happen. David and I went to the service not knowing what anyone was going to be focusing their prayer sets on. But it turned out to be just right. The last set, especially, God just shook everything up. I don’t think there was a dry eye left in that room. People were on the floor weeping, crying out to God for forgiveness of our sins. Not the sins of our nation. Our sins. The sins of the church. My sins. We were broken in the presence of a Holy God who loathes sin but extends mercy to those who ask for it. Wow.

The way the service usually goes is as such: The first worship and prayer set goes from 8-9:25ish. Sometimes there is a brief message or a missionary focus. We do announcements and take up an offering. Then the next set goes from 9:30ish-11.

JonMark was leading the last set and at about quarter to 11, he looks at David and I and says, “I know this isn’t what we usually do, but I am leading this set so I am going to do it anyway.” And then he looked around the room and asked if anyone needed prayer for healing or deliverance. We prayed and encouraged one another until after 11:30. (David and I live literally just around the block and we got home at midnight.) Everyone left laughing and crying tears of joy and relief.

God honored our repentance and turned our mourning into dancing. Wow. Also, everyone who got prayed for heard from God. Everyone who didn’t get prayed for heard from God. I prayed for people rather than receiving prayer, but still – I had a facebook message waiting in the morning with an encouragement someone had received from God for me in the night.

This is what it will look like when the church of America goes to God on her knees repenting. I hope that day is soon because Jesus is coming back soon – and we aren’t ready. He is in a hurry and we aren’t. There are so many people in our country alone who have become hardened to to Gospel (the good news!!) because we have become complacent with God.

Revival comes after repentance and revival needs to start in the church.

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