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21 Candles: Significantly Taken pt 3

29 May 2012

In August, David asked my father for my hand in marriage and upon receiving his blessing, began making plans to propose. My dad requested that we go to the Love and Respect conference as preparation for getting married. We went the weekend marking six months of being together and learned so much! David bought me a “pocket smaz” (a pocket sized Bible – sometimes I trip over my words and this is what I said one of the times I was expressing how much I’d like one) and wrote me a beautiful note inside. The next weekend, he proposed.

Since then, we’ve been continuing to learn to show each other love and how to minister together. We’ve been helping with a healing and prophecy service with the house of prayer housed in our church building. That has been a really cool experience for me – learning how to help lead worship in a spirit led environment as well as really learning to hear what God has to say for His people. David and I have had many opportunities to lead worship together and lead prayer together. We have grown so much in this. =]

We’ve learned a lot about being a team in planning our wedding together. I got so lucky! God blessed me with a man who actually cares how the wedding goes! I haven’t had to do it all by myself! We’ve been working on finishing up our premarital counseling book with our pastor. As well as finishing to build a coffee table for our future home.

And. I am pleased and blessed to say – we are getting married in 11 days. And I couldn’t be happier. =]

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