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21 Candles: Significantly Taken pt 1

3 May 2012

I don’t remember if I have ever said how David and I met.
It was February 15th 2011, a Tuesday. We have a mutual friend named Matthew who spent 6 months in Zimbabwe last summer and he invited David out to our weekly InterVarsity meeting just to spend some time together before he took off for his long short-term missions trip. Now, I knew David was coming. I didn’t know what he looked like though. So at our time of fellowship and breaking bread together (usually the Subway or Taco Bell kind) before our meeting, when Matthew walked up with this really handsome guy, I wasn’t all that surprised. Just all tied in knots in my stomach. Haha. However, I had just had a rather painful experience with another guy and had just promised God that I wasn’t going to go flinging my heart at any men for at least a year. So, I decided to ignore David as politely as I could. Well. Let me tell you how that worked out. Have you ever felt so convicted to do something that it feels like God is pressing His thumb into your head telling you to do something? Yeah, that’s what happened.
Danike, I want you to talk to him.
“I don’t want to talk to him. I just promised you that I wouldn’t make any new guy friends.”
Danike. Talk to him.
“Hey, you’re David, right? Hi. Do you know everyone at this table?” I said gesturing to my friends eating with us.
He told me that he didn’t so I promptly started introducing him to people. However, when I got to my friend DC, I called him Garrett (his roommate’s name), and Garrett I called DC. At that point, everyone started laughing (or maybe I was so embarrassed that my memory has added in the laughter to make up for how silly I felt) and David said, “Actually, the only person here I don’t know is you.”
“Oh,” I said and, being thoroughly embarrassed, went back to eating my sandwich. “I’ve done what you asked, God. Now I am not going to talk to him anymore.”
No, you aren’t done yet, Danike. Say something else to him.
I sigh internally, not wanting to make myself a look any more foolish, and said “Hey, David, I am sorry if I confused me.”
He laughed and, if I remember correctly, said something how how I probably meant “confused you” and that it is okay. This time I didn’t say anything else to him and God didn’t tell me to do anything else. Later that night, though, we had another conversation and David says that he enjoyed it. (I have no recollection of this conversation whatsoever, much to my chagrin.)

A few days later, he friended me on facebook and I accepted thinking – oh, it’s just another facebook friend that I will probably delete in a year or so. But, we started talking. And talking. And soon, we made plans to hang out. (Now mind you, the first time we talked, we talked about God and about what we felt called to do. It lined up. Perfectly.) I told him that if he wanted to hang out with me, it would have to be at church. He agreed humbly and even brough t me a few timbits to munch on during the drive. After that, he wanted to exchange lifestories – I prayed about it first because I used to have a bad habit of telling my story to any guy that would listen and then I would have all these close guy friends that I didn’t need to have. Well, I got that go ahead from God again. So, we exchanged lifestories and I was blown away by how good a listener David is and by how crazy his testamony is. After that, we began talking on gtalk and via text message. He called me a few times, I called him a few times.
And then, one weekend, I decided to have my youngest siblings over to my apartment for the weekend. I invited several of my Christian friends from the university and Xi Alpha as well as David. Not only did he come, he held my little sister’s hand the whole time we were in the Hands On Science Museum, he built a castle out of foam bricks with my little brother. He helped me entertain them all evening (with the exceptional help of the lovely Sarahs).

A few days later, he asked me out.

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