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21 Candles: Introduction

3 May 2012

I posted a note (a rather long one) about this past year and about my birthday a few days ago… however, I realized that I didn’t do a very good job writing it so I wanted to try again. So. I am starting from scratch! If you already read that one before I deleted it, please disregard it and allow me to start over.

For the past four years, I have written a post near my birthday just reflecting on things I’ve learned or done over the past year. My first of these posts was on a blog that no longer exists, but the other posts can be found here: 2009, 2010 pt 1, 2010 pt 2, and 2011.

Just a brief summary of what happened this past year and then I will dive in for a deeper look at everything: Just before my last birthday, I met a man named David. He and I hit it off and when he asked me out, last April, I said yes. We had a beautiful summer together. =] Later, after a lot of cool stuff and amazing dates, he asked me to marry him. Since then, we’ve been learning to be in ministry together, learning to show each other love better (we’ve been learning that since April, but you know what I mean), and planning a wedding (which is in 37 days)! During all of this, I also learned, by trial and error, how to be a better friend and a better listener. I have had the opportunity to make some amazing friends that will hopefully be friends of mine until the day that I die. (So far so good.) I went to a leadership training institute and learned a lot of really useful things, including: how to not hurt your boyfriend and how to do a manuscript Bible study. I began to learn how to help lead worship and prayer. I learned more on listening to the voice of God and speaking encouragement into people. I learned a lot about obedience, respect, honor, patience, and being “the bigger man”. It has all been such a wonderful journey and I am forever indebted to my God (well, that has been true since the moment I was conceived…), my fiance, my former roommates, and my fiance’s family. But, I suppose that is how it should be? Hopefully, I have been as good to them as they have to me. =]

Here’s to another year (and a bunch of other posts digging deeper into all of this)!

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