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something to think about

23 February 2012

We live in the technology age where everything is about media and how fast you can get it. We are surrounded by advertisements about how “YOU will be more happy if you only had…” or “this is what YOU need…” Fast food has become a necessity as we race around in our flashy cars trying to make our lives easier for ourselves. We look for jobs that suit our picky tastes, clothes that make us shine, we talk ourselves up to people not thinking about how they feel…

And you know what is worse, often, we make church convenient for us, too. We go to a service when it fits into our schedule and we go places where we are comfortable racially, socially, and economically, not just spiritually. We squeeze Jesus into our schedules, if we remember…

What if we stepped out of our comfort zones and tried something new? What if we were to listen for God’s voice and do what He commands, even if it means attending an all black charismatic church that preaches about the holy spirit and worships with gospel music as a hymn singing fire and brimestone Calvinistic baptist?

There is no me in Christianity. Church isn’t about you and what you receive – it is about Jesus and what we can offer Him. Jesus doesn’t call us to comfortable, risk-free lives. He told his disciples to go preach the gospel taking nothing (not even money!) with them but the clothes on their backs. And to leave without saying goodbye! Why don’t we do things like this?

I wonder what would happen if we all made it a point to put at least three people before ourselves everyday, if we were to encourage three total strangers everyday…

I am sorry for how random this has been – this is something that has been bugging my mind all week. We talked about it in sunday school on Sunday and then I’ve heard stuff on the radio about it almost everyday since then. It’s just something to think about.

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  1. Arel permalink
    23 February 2012 16:59

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot too. Why do we have to go so fast these days?? And why do we think we NEED everything?? Society is very warped these days..

    Something random: I read half of this post backwards, I do that all the time…I guess I think I’m going to read it faster.

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