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Love, Life, and the Kingdom of God

23 January 2012

The past 24 hours have been a blessed wild ride in the glory of God!

From sometime last afternoon, God was just speaking to David and I about so many amazing things. I am going to prune it though just because I don’t want to talk anyone’s ears off or talk about half-baked plans. So…without further ado.

At church last night, Russ Klein, a prophet of the Lord, spoke in both our Sunday School class and our service. He had been speaking out our church every night since Wednesday and what a blessing it has been! Yesterday stands out in my mind the most, though. In Sunday school, he spoke about how the church of America has lost it’s reverence for God… it’s respect. Too often, we just go to God with our shopping list and forget that He is so much greater than that. And…. how often do you say “Oh my god”? (Don’t answer that, I really don’t want to know.) We use God’s name in our every day vernacular  but without the awe or respect that should go with it. It is absolutely disgusting. God isn’t Walmart or Kroger – He is the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. I can’t even begin to fathom what that even begins to say about His greatness. But, you know what is cool? He wants to be our friend. That’s why He gave us Jesus. People often are too afraid that God is going to be disappointed with them to be real with Him, to be able to even start being friends with Him. I know I certainly struggle with this.

Russ talked about how his wife struggled with this for a long time – even after they had started going around the world going prophetic ministry together as man and wife. But one day, in the middle of communist Poland back in the 80s, Jesus got a hold of her heart and she was filled with the power of God. She prophesied over many people – one after the other – for four plus hours! And the next day, she was given a crazy vision! Like John the Revealer (or whatever people call him) of the book of Revelation…. God lifted her up into His presence. She was completely in the physical world (in a van with their ministry team) and at the same time completely in the heavenly realm. She found herself kneeling at the throne of God and He beckoned to her… and she sat on His lap. From that moment on, Jesus has been her best friend.

This story really touched me because I totally understand the shame in coming before God. So many nights when going into worship, I feel so gross! Physically, emotionally, spiritually… I often feel so unworthy and like my voice isn’t something God particularly wants to hear. People have told me (and I have read in the Bible) so many times, and I know in my mind (and sometimes in my heart) that God wants to be my friend, not just my God. But sometimes, I don’t remember that. I become afraid that He won’t let me into His presence. But, I have Jesus in me! When I call out to God, He hears Jesus! And when we are friends with God, like He desires, He confides in us, tells us His secrets, His plans for this world (Psalm 25:14)! How awesome is that?

We spent a great deal of time talking about what it looks like to have an intimate relationship with God – Russ said that everyone’s way of spending time with God, loving God is different. We all have different love languages. For example. With people, my love languages are (all of them, haha, but especially) touch, quality time, and words of affirmation. So, yesterday, I went with David to work… we sat in his little cubicle for a few hours and he worked while I worked on wedding stuff. Believe me, I was so happy just being there spending time with David (who was not spending time with me). Comparatively, some of my most powerful times with God haven’t been the times when I prayed for 5 hours straight or fasted for a day (or even a week)… it hasn’t been time spent on my knees (literally)… it has been time on the go. When I am driving, when I am washing dishes… when I am running or riding a bike. The mornings when I wake up and say (out loud and for real) “Good morning, God! How are you doing?” or when I see a beautiful sunrise, flower, lake, person, or whatever! Some of my best time with God has been slumped over a piano, plinking out old hymns and singing, holding back intense tears. It is great – so often, I feel like God is the one who calls me up to see how I am doing. I mean, I spend time with Him (not enough, sadly)… but even when I let my busy schedule distract me, He always manages to show me His love in the most simple ways. And it is enough.

Regardless of how rudimentary this sounds, it was so empowering to hear it again last night and I was able to bring that into worship that evening. Worship was so good last night – I know that I blessed God’s heart and, believe me – He certainly blessed mine! There was one point in worship where I was just praying that God would be blessed by my voice and I had a vision of Him smiling down on me the way that a loving father who is proud of you would. Later during worship, I saw outstretched arms and I felt in the very fibers of my being that it was God reaching out for me to run to Him.

We sang “More Love, More Power” and I was praying through that song: “More love, more power, more of you in my life. I will worship you with all of my heart, I will worship you with all of my mind, I will worship you with all of my strength cuz you are my God, you are my God” and then Art, who was leading worship, asked if anyone needed healing and, like most times when asked this recently, I raised my hand. Judy, a woman from our sister church in Dearborn Heights, came over to pray for me. I asked her to pray for my ankle, which wasn’t hurting at the time, and as she did, I heard God say to me “I have touched your ankle; I have healed your ankle.” Right after that powerful moment, we sang Hillsong’s Healer: “I believe that You’re my Healer / I believe that You are all I need / I believe that You’re my Portion / I believe that You’re more than enough for me / Jesus, You’re all I need” – it was so amazing. I began praising God for His work, for touching me the way that He did… and I told Him, “Lord, I want to shake mountains in your name!” And He said, “You will.” I could hear the smile in His voice. I asked Him how I was to do it and He said, “Feed my sheep.” A moment later, after more praising God, I said “God, I love you!” And right away, I heard, “I love you, too.”

God loves me, too. Wow. That’s enough for me: time to go shake some mountains!


There is something amazing going on in my life – God is showing up in radical ways: providing financially for David and I as we plan our wedding, speaking to us about what He wants for and from us… =]

Today we were reminded of God’s faithfulness and goodness in a really awesome way, too! We were at 12 Oaks mall in Novi and a Christian song started playing. It was a love song to God. This has been happening for a few months. It doesn’t matter where we are, a love song to God will come on or we will come across a Christian singing worship music in Potbelly’s! We have been praying for months now that God would be Lord of SE Michigan, especially Dearborn and Detroit. And since then, worship music has been playing wherever we are. It is like a Spirit of worship is following us. The Spirit of the Lord is going with us! It is so amazing! So encouraging! This is what happens when the church rises up together to pray and worship the Creator! The Kingdom of God is where His people are, where they praise Him, and lift up His name in boldness!

Be blessed and bless God today!

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  1. Emilia permalink
    23 January 2012 18:08

    This is so amazing Danike. Thank you for writing this. It made me realize how scared I am and it might sound bad but it helps knowing I am not the only that is scared. This gives me so much encouragement.

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