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search me, O God, and know my heart!

20 June 2010

God has this way of knowing my heart. He knows my needs, my desires…

I have been praying for healing quite frequently of late. My right leg is an inch longer than my left leg. This makes running (AND walking) very painful at times. I have a dietary disease which makes finding food I can eat very hard. On my run last Sunday, God and I talked about this. I was in so much pain, I was practically in tears. I was discouraged…. I love running, I don’t want to have to stop. Over and over again, I asked “God, why don’t you heal me?” Over and over again, he said “Danike, I know your heart. I know your desires. I know your needs. I have always provided for you and I always will. You can run-with pain, but at least you can run. You have food! Yes, it sometimes makes you sick… but at least you have food. Don’t take it for granted.” It hit like a brick.

Later, my mentor at Cedar Campus asked me how my run went, knowing I had gone on one. I told her that it depended on who she asked. If she asked me, I would say it sucked. But, if she asked God, he would probably say it was amazing because it was time I spent fully conversing with him.

I am trying to let that run change my life. Since then, I have gone for one run. I only ran a mile. But, I ran it strong and steady. And FAST. And, even better, it felt good. That is much more than I deserve.

God is good.

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  1. piper permalink
    22 June 2010 16:47

    I had that problem as well. You should put a lift in the shoe of the shorter leg. It helps quite a bit.

    • 25 June 2010 16:08

      It would, indeed help, if I didn’t have a curve in my back going towards the side of my longer leg. If I get a lift for my shorter leg, it would make the curve worse. I would need to get one for my longer leg… which would completely defeat the purpose.

  2. piper permalink
    26 June 2010 09:56

    Chiropractor much?? o_0

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