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sacred breath

27 May 2010

The name of God in Hebrew is (the equivalent) YHWH. In the original Hebrew, this would have been pronounced something like yah hah vah hah-breathing sounds.

I realized the other day, with a little help from some friends, that if the name of God is said on our every breath, we are constantly saying His name.

Something else that is interesting… in Genesis it says that God created Adam from the dust of the ground and breathed life into him. … So, the human race has got the breath of God in it’s lungs. I think that’s a little crazy.

I think it is even more crazy that breathing is one of those things we just take for granted. Everyone breathes. If they didn’t, they would either die or be dead already. I am not sure why, but this past semester breath has been really important to me. Maybe it is just the context I’ve been using it in (ie “I need room to breathe.”) or maybe God put it on my heart…. I have found myself being more intentional about my breathing.

I started running last week. I have gone on four runs so far (and I am going on another one in an hour!) and I love it. I love the pound of my feet on the ground, kicking up the dust of the camp road, and the sound of my breath as it comes in rhythm with my feet. My friend Allison, who is my running buddy while she is here at Cedar, and I talked about the different running methods while on our run on Monday. She said that she had never gone without an iPod before, that she wasn’t used to hearing herself breathing. She felt that it made it harder to run because she felt like she was working so much harder. I told her that I have never run with an iPod and I probably won’t ever. She was surprised because I am almost always singing or listening to music. Why wouldn’t I want to listen to music while running? Wouldn’t it hype me up? Yeah, probably. But, I love hearing my breath. It reminds me that I am human. It gives me hope. See, I have had pretty awful asthma most of my life. I have always loved running but I always get these horrible stitches in my side… sometimes, if my asthma is bad enough, I will even cough up blood. Running has been wonderful these past few weeks. My asthma is going away. I mean I still get stitches in my side occasionally, but they are no longer crippling. I haven’t coughed up anything abnormal, either. In fact, the only thing making running difficult is my various leg muscles-I am a trained cyclist. Not a runner. Well, I am fixing that.

Every breath comes more easily. I can feel God working in my life this summer, through my work, my friends, and through my running… as well as many other things. All I know is it is going to be great. (Sorry for how scattered this post is. I am kind of almost in a hurry-at the library with Eric and he is just about ready to leave.)

I really hope you guys start taking breathing seriously. I also hope that you keep praying for me and my adventures here this summer. God is doing great things in my life and in the lives of people surrounding me. May God work in your life as well!


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