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Living is Simple.

25 August 2009

I learned many things this summer. One of the more important of these is when to let go and let God take over. (Now if I were perfect, I would let God have control all the time.) Something else I had to learn is there is a season for everything: Change, laughter, tears… a time to let go and a time to hold on for dear life. I also learned that sometimes, as humans, there is nothing we can do at all. All of these lessons were very hard and I have spent many hours in tearful prayer over them, for we all know that when God teaches us, it is usually in application. Rather like a living, breathing textbook. I cannot tell you how hard it is o talk to friends and family and realize – there is nothing you can do. I had to let go of all the hurts and pains my family is felling; I couldn’t fix their problems because I am not God. Likewise, I have a few friends who rely on me too much and I had to let go because I cannot be their savior.

Don’t get me wrong, this was all very hard for me. There were times when I cried out to God, I prayed that I could do something, that he would take everyone’s pain away. But I needed to learn that I cannot fix the world’s brokenness. It had gotten to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore because I didn’t know how to help people around me. I lost faith and all joy. My eyes had fallen from the roses blossoms to the thorns. It was necessary for me to let go for my faith and for the faiths of my family and friends.

I pray that without me to hinder work, God can work his magic in everyone’s lives.

Don’t give up on me.

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  1. Sir Emeth Mimetes permalink
    22 October 2009 11:53

    This is a very important lesson to learn. God is strong, and I am not. It is very humbling to realize that everything that I have done, has hurt people. The only things that are good in my life are the ones that God did. It takes a lot of courage and humility to take that to heart and apply it by letting go. We are to be windows and tools, not reins or rudders.

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