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sleight of hand

21 April 2009

Picture this:

God is much like a magician. He is really good at making people out of dirt and a universe out of nothing. With a “snap of the fingers”, He can do or create whatever He wants. He is God and is just cool that way. He is also pretty amazing at card tricks. He lays out his cards on the table and says “Pick one, my child.” We grin and select one with our eyes, hoping He will find it. He picks the cards back up and shuffles them a few times. He lays them back out and tells you a little story that involves participation, drawing you into the card trick. After awhile, and possibly a break or two for suspense, He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a card. Now, as He pulls it out, it seems to grow and grow and grow… until, it is too big to describe.
“This is your card.” He says with a fatherly grin. “I hope you like it.” You look at it, your eyes wide with awe and wonder. It is your card. …. But, it is bigger. Much, much, bigger and has much more detail and more to it than a simple Ace of Hearts.
“Here,” He says, putting it in your hand with His loving smile, “keep it. I made it for you.”

Sometimes, God gives you a lot of options and lets you pick what you feel would be best for you. It is like when a card shark lays out the cards and says “Pick one.” It is completely up to you. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way, but sometimes it does. When it does, be thankful.

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  1. misSy permalink
    22 April 2009 08:05

    Wow, I really like this post. Good analogy. It made me smile. :)

  2. Cher permalink
    22 April 2009 10:00

    I’m with Missy. You have an incredible way with words, my dear.

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